05 January 2019

30 Day Monthly Resolution

I have been watching Mind Over Munch on YouTube since about November of 2018. I will admit. I got sucked in mainly because of the food prep and the bento lunches. Yes, even the vegetarian and vegan food prep and bento lunches have been appealing. I am excited about trying some of them soon! I also signed up for the newsletter and have actually enjoyed the things Alyssia has discussed in her newsletters. In December one of her emails really caught my attention...enough that I am actually going to make it a part of my #2019YearToRebuild!

It is no surprise that every December people start thinking about New Year's Resolutions. I have read/heard people talk about the benefits, the downsides, the trials, the life-changing results, blah, blah, blah. Almost every blogger and vlogger I follow had something to say about it this past month.

Like with most things, I take their information with a grain of salt, glean what I need, and let the rest go. I did that...over and over and over.

However, I was hearing a theme this year I hadn't thought about much before. The idea that a year is too long for one commitment/change kept forcing itself into my think skull. I set about pondering that concept.

Was I really setting myself up for failure by planning for a year? Had I really ever been successful at a year-long commitment? What would it hurt if I only tried something for, let's say, a month?

Give it 30 days

One email from Mind Over Munch talked about making monthly resolutions. (Which, honestly, was something I had heard at least 4 times previously in that week alone!) Imagine...if you changed 1 small thing every month, that would be 12 changes in a year. 


That would be 13 more changes than I had done in previous years.

Alyssia at Mind Over Munch created a video and a Monthly Resolution Calendar along those same lines. One small change for 30 days. She even comments in her video that one month she decided to fold her socks back the "right way" before putting them in her laundry basket. Nothing life changing, on the surface. But it was a change that once it became a habit, was something that made her life better.

I thought, yeah, I can do 1 freakin' thing for 30 days.

4 minutes of meditation

I decided I would do the one thing I had been trying to commit to for almost 2 years...meditate at least once a day. I was giving myself the option of meditating before heading off to work or meditating before heading to bed. It didn't matter when. What mattered is that I did it for at least 4 minutes once a day. (The time was a small time I picked for myself to keep it do-able.)

This afternoon (5 Jan 2019) I filled out Alyssia's Monthly Resolution Kickstart packet and then did my first 4 minute meditation of my "month" (which will technically end on 3 Feb 2019.) It felt nice to get back in the routine of doing something I enjoyed. Since I accomplished my resolution for today, I am able to cross off my first day!

29 days left

Now I have 29 days left to finish my monthly resolution. Personally, I believe it is something I can easily do, especially since it is only once a day and there are 24 hours in a day. Come 4 Feb 2019 I can pat myself on the back for having completed one resolution for #2019YearToRebuild!

Year long resolutions can be daunting. Instead, try a one month (30 day) resolution! Pick one item to do for 30 days. Make it something small and give yourself an indicator of when to do it. Start today and go for 30 days. Then give yourself a high five for making 1 change in 2019!