23 November 2016

It's that Time of Year

It's that time of year. That time where Facebook feeds have "30 Days of Thankful" or twitter posts are 140 characters full of everything one might be thankful for.

Here in central Ohio, we have seen the leaves change colors, we have had a week of temps in the 70s followed by a week of temps in the 30s with SNOW! Some of us still deny the passage of seasons by wearing shorts, sweatshirts, and winter caps. Others have gone full-out with down coats, scarves, gloves, and thermal underwear.

This holiday week many are preparing for traveling to see family and friends. Others are happily enjoying a quiet holiday with a "chosen few."

No matter your political persuasion, we have all been through the ringer lately and have probably shed more than a few tears.

Budgets are stretched tight as many plan for end of the year gift giving holidays. We look for that perfect gift, or that obnoxious gift, or that gift that will keep on giving.

Maybe this time of year marks an opportunity to look inside and around to assess what you have, where you are, and what you want to do with your upcoming days.

Maybe, this time of year is just another day in the year. Maybe......