02 January 2015

One app for them all

Have you ever heard of Evernote? I'm going to assume you probably have. I'm also going to assume you have a passing understanding that it is some kind of repository for bookmarks and web clippings. That's a good start. There is a great deal more, but I don't want this post to be overwhelming. I just want to let you know about my attempts in 2015 to master my understanding of Evernote and then find a way to incorporate it into my work life, my personal life, and my business life.


I am very excited about focusing on Evernote this year. I really love this program, although I have had some issues with the web version and the windows version. Ironically, my Android version rocks and my iPad version works the majority of the time. I haven't had a chance to test it on my Nexus 10, yet. I will be working on those bumps through the year. I will not let them overwhelm my love for what I can do with the program!


I am a firm believer in not reinventing the wheel. Therefore, I am utilizing the pioneers who have come before such as DottoTech and Evernote Scott, to name a few. As with most things, I take in the information, use what will help, and store the rest (in Evernote, of course!) I truly thank these trailblazers for putting use into "layman's" terms.


The name of the game is to experiment and test. What might appear to work, may end up not working at all, while some things, with a little tweak, will be a total answer to my frustrations. I am hoping to document my trial and errors for others (and as a documentation for myself). For example, I have thought about using it for blogging, but I haven't decided how I want that to work just yet. I have started using it for my lesson plans, but I am sure I can make it work even better for me.


I converted three of my family members over on the simple fact they were able to make audio notes at crucial medical appointments. If that one reason is the one that keeps them in the Evernote camp, so be it! It's a great quality of this program. If they ever needed the other perks, they should still be available and waiting. Of course, I will always be available to help them whenever possible.


If you have never used Evernote, I highly recommend you doing a bit of researching. Check out Evernote's beginner's guide. Be sure to check back in here on occasion to see how my progress is going. My goal for 2015 is to find out a way to limit my technology needs down to Evernote and Google. I don't know if it is possible, but I think I will enjoy trying!

What is the one perk you have discovered about Evernote?