26 November 2014

365 Days of Journaling [UPDATE]

WOW! It's almost December! I find that truly hard to fathom, and yet there is pumpkin bread smells coming from our kitchen, we are making plans to get together with half the family for this November holiday, and I am making bets on how long it will take me to write the year as "2015!"

Yep.....the New Year is right around the corner. In the meantime, let me update you on some of the discoveries I have had with my journaling.

[NOTE: In 2015, updates like this can be found on my Personal Challenge Blog A Cleansing Rayne.]

Daily Journaling is HARD!

Yes, I know. I have said this before. Yes, I know. Saying it more than once doesn't make it more true or easier. Yes, I know. Most things worth their salt require a little bit of work. What I did have discovered is that if I want it to be a priority, I need to make the time. In between 2 jobs, 3 kids, blogs, and classes, I need to make the time for journaling. But it won't be easy. Some days it will feel absolutely impossible. Other days I will struggle to remember what I wrote about. Either way, if it is important to me, I need to build it into my daily routine...be it easy or hard!

Babbling Allowed

Looking back at my writing, I realize when I am stumped or uncertain, I have a tendency to babble. I ramble on about things that are not in any way, shape, or form, relative to life as I know it. Sometimes, like bad handwriting, I'm not even sure what I was saying/rambling about. But long about June (yes, it took half a year to convince myself), I realized that babbling is OK. It's a way to let my thoughts go where they need to. I liken it to dreaming. We keep too many thoughts stored upstairs and senseless babbling on paper is harmless. It merely allows my brain to unload some of the useless information it is storing. And honestly....later in the year, it at least gives me something to chuckle at!

Platforms DON'T Matter

Good grief I am fickle, especially when it comes to a good platform on which to write. I love a nice leather journal with lines that are just the right thickness and width. I absolutely adore the badges and challenges on 750words.com. Having my daily journal entries available at the click of Evernote is awesome for those days I plan my TO DO lists. Opening a plain text doc and writing on a plain white screen without formatting and other distractions is so refreshing and simplistic. Yeah...I want my cake and to eat it, too.  My words to the wise: Go with what works, even if it means you have your writing in multiple locations. Just.....write!

Here to Stay

Not everything I like in life becomes part of my daily routine. Honestly, I have a tendency to make "bad habits" more a part of my life than I do "good habits." However, I have seen benefits to daily journaling. I have found accomplishment through finally meeting a 30 day challenge. I have been able to smile at my ramblings and thoughts. I have discovered clarity when I write first thing in the morning. I have felt my monkey mind quiet when I write last thing before going to bed. So, I think I'm going to continue this activity into 2015 and beyond. I'm good with this being a part of my daily routine!

Thank you for going with me on this journey. Since I am in the process of building up my Personal Challenge Blog, this post will be my last one for 365 Days of Journaling. I'm going to spend the month of December preparing for the New Year. Happy Holidaze to you and yours!