01 June 2014

365 Days of Journaling [UPDATE]

I DID IT!! I completed a Monthly Challenge on 750words.com! FINALLY!

I am ecstatic to report the fact that on 31 May 2014, I successfully completed a monthly challenge on 750words.com. I have made MANY attempts at this over the years. Some months I bail early on, perhaps within the first week. A time or two I got almost to the half-way mark and then ruined my streak. In May, as I neared day #15, I KNEW I had to make it through the month. I had come too far to wipe out. So, I stuck it out and finally completed the challenge. SIDE BONUS: I earned three badges along the way! This monthly challenge accomplishment TOTALLY helped me continue with my 365 Day Challenge.


So, as for the 365 Day Challenge, things are still going on pretty smoothly. I'm pretty comfortable with writing in the mornings, even on days I wake up late, or have things to do, especially if I didn't complete my evening routine the previous evening. (You can see what my evening routine is by scrolling to the bottom of this post.) On those days, I do "cheat" by writing only a sentence or two in the morning and then follow up in the evening using iDONEthis reminders in my email. (If you haven't checked iDONEthis out, you should. It's a pretty neat idea for both personal and work. Here are my thoughts on this great little app.)

I feel pretty accomplished! It's not the jarring boost that I get from my Cold Shower Therapy, but it is still a pretty awesome feeling.


What is your most recent accomplishment?