01 April 2014

Spring Cleaning

My approach to spring cleaning isn't typical, but it works for me. I plan to do finish by April 15 and it involves electronics/life online. I am almost finished with it (amazingly) but I thought I would share.
Spring Cleaning RB style

  • Delete all of my email filters in all accounts
  • Unsubscribe when possible as feeds begin popping up in my inbox
  • Create specific labels/new filters for incoming email
  • Clear FOLLOW UP folder in email by doing/archiving/scheduling items
  • Move all INBOX (my default folder) items in Evernote to their appropriate folders
  • Pair down any negative "friends" on Facebook
  • Review my resume and update
  • Review my LinkedIn account and update
  • Review my personal branding plan (schedule for Summer intense focus)
  • Google myself and rectify any negative hits
  • Run a deep virus scan (renew virus protection, if needed)
  • Clean up apps on iPad
  • Review bookmarks and delete unnecessary/unused ones (file with Evernote)
  • Move misc files in GDrive to appropriate folders/reassess storage space (I upgraded this year bc GDrive storage got cheap!)
  • Check storage space on phone SD card (purchase new or move things to cloud or both)
  • Delete unused music in iTunes and phone
  • Add to current list
So, there it is...all the things I am doing for Spring Cleaning. Sometimes it's best to set aside a few hours to just hammer away at things. I had to do that with a few things. It was worth it, though!

Happy Spring (cleaning) to you and yours!
What is one action you do for your electronic "Spring Cleaning?"