01 February 2013

Level Up My Life in 2013

So, I totally got this idea from Steve at Nerd Fitness. However, because I am not a gamer, I had to ask around to find out what he was talking about and finally I just created what I wanted. Knowing me, though, I would imagine this "idea" I have is going to morph and grow and maybe even take on its own life. That would be cool! It could even transform me!

Let me tell you some more about "Level Up My Life in 2013!"
The premise of this "game" is simple. I am currently at Level 1. To level up, I must reach the number of points required for the next level. Each time I level up to a new color, I am going to reward myself for my feat!

Here are the color levels and the points needed for each of the levels within the color. 

Levels 1-10 require 100 points each level

Levels 11-20 require 150 points each level

Levels 21-30 require 200 points each level 

Levels 31-40 require 250 points each level

Levels 41-50 require 300 points each level

I have also created a living document of items worth different points. I'm not going to list all of the items for each of the point groups, but I will give a sampling. There are items italicized which are one time events. (Once they have been accomplished they are crossed out and cannot be repeated.) I think it's important to have those as well.

Here are a few of my items from each point group:

10 point items

  • 1 week/7 days of meditation 1x/day
  • 1 week/7 days of water (8 oz) first thing in the morning and last thing at night
  • Donate 3 clothing items
  • 1 week/7 days in bed by 11:30 pm (or earlier)
  • Post my first video
25 point items
  • 1 week/7 days of journaling 1x/week
  • 1 week/7 days of greens 2x/day
  • Finish one book on feng shui
  • Post first downloadable document on website
50 point items
  • 1 week/7 days of no milk or cheese
  • 1 week/3 days of only decaf coffee
  • Make website mobile-compatible
  • 1 week/7 days of T'ai Chi
Level Up items
  • 1 online course completed (certification preferred)
  • 1 month/28 days of waking with no snooze
  • Finish Six-Week Start-Up
The higher point values are given to items I feel are more of a challenge...or take more work/effort...or it is something I have been working on for some time and have not yet been successful. You get the idea.

The beauty of this "game" is it is totally personalized for me. These are my goals and my rewards. I can add items when I want. I have also allowed myself to repeat any items that are not in red. For example, for two weeks in a row I could journal every day and receive 50 points (25 for each week.) 

However, the idea can be personalized for you. Let me show you how.

  1. Start by writing down things you have been wanting to accomplish. They can be small (return an overdue library book) or they can be big (make the trip to Alaska you have always dreamed about). It doesn't matter. Just list them. If you are really stuck, think about one or two things you want to get done this weekend or this week or this month. Once you get going, chances are the ideas will keep rolling.
  2. After you have your list, start grouping them into easy, medium, hard. Returning a library book requires you to take the book to the library. Pretty easy. That dream trip to Alaska is going to require planning, money, time off from work/school, and the like. It would be a harder goal. 
  3. Once you have the items grouped, assign points. If your color levels only require 10 points to level up, you can make easy=1 point, medium=2 points, hard=3. Since my first 10 levels require 100 points each level to level up, I went with 10, 25, and 50. The Level Up items are super huge for me so I'm rewarding myself with a full bump to the next level. This will be especially sweet when I get into the green and blue levels.
  4. Once you have your points, plan a "start" date. Starting that day, you are on your way to leveling up your life! Be sure to reward yourself for first goals, for big accomplishments, and definitely for moving to a new color level. This is about creating a YOU who feels good about your accomplishments and your life. Revel in the positives! You deserve it.
Well, here's to the "game" of leveling up my life. I'll let you know how it goes!

What are some of the creative ways you have accomplished various goals in your life?