31 December 2013

365 Days of Journaling

We are almost through the last month of 2013. Many people are making resolutions, some have "refitted" current year resolutions, and a few people have decided not to even make resolutions. I always make yearly goals such as eating clean, becoming physically active, and working on my blogging. This past year, however, I rediscovered another yearly goal I want to incorporate into my routine...daily journaling! Personally, I think there are three great things about keeping a daily journal. Let me share...

03 December 2013

December 2013 28-Day Challenge

Routines. Some people love them, some people hate them. I have yet to meet anyone who has no opinion about them. I am a "love them" kind of person, even more so now that I have kids. Personally, I think routines make the world run smoother. My biggest complaint, however, is when the routine gets interrupted. I am not one to run so easily with a bump in the road. Therefore, I try to create routines that allow for these small interruptions. A good example is my December Challenge: Setting up my Evening Routine.

11 September 2013

Thank you...

Just a thank you to those who serve, in any and every capacity...especially those who serve in the lines of danger. My thoughts today (and actually, most days) to those who lost their lives 12 years ago through no actions of their own (victims) and through choices of their own (first responders, good Earth citizens, others). I figure there will be many blogs today with tributes, so I'm not going to do any more than to say "thank you..."

01 February 2013

Level Up My Life in 2013

So, I totally got this idea from Steve at Nerd Fitness. However, because I am not a gamer, I had to ask around to find out what he was talking about and finally I just created what I wanted. Knowing me, though, I would imagine this "idea" I have is going to morph and grow and maybe even take on its own life. That would be cool! It could even transform me!

Let me tell you some more about "Level Up My Life in 2013!"

11 January 2013

'Tis 2013 indeed...

 Well, in case you hadn't realized it, the "New Year" (2013) has started. Actually, we are almost two weeks into it. That is about how long it takes me to accept the fact the New Year is here. For me, sometimes it doesn't feel like Dec 31 is any different than Jan 1.