31 May 2012


January and February of this year, I dabbled with the idea of a Paleo-ish diet. I have been researching this lifestyle for almost a year now, and had decided to implement it. Unfortunately, I did not continue this style of eating beyond February, and I have noticed some changes.

One of the first things I noticed is that my headaches came back. They had not completely disappeared (as I believe they could eventually with a Paleo lifestyle) but they had become infrequent. I was noticing them again during days where my grain intake was higher than usual and on days where my protein consumption was lower. I shall begin monitoring my headaches again in June.

Munchies vs. Hungry
When eating Paleo-ish I noticed I was hungry...truly hungry. My body was calling for more proteins and greens...and I answered with more protein and greens. Now, my body is craving for munchies and snacks. I don't like that feeling. I never feel truly hungry-I feel bored-hungry or munchy-hungry or even restless-hungry. I never seem to be able to get full. In January and February I was able to feel full. I shall begin monitoring my hunger levels again in June.

Tired & Exhausted
At the best of times, I tire easily. I am overweight and in bad health. However, since going away from Paleo-ish eating, I have noticed I get tired quicker and feel exhausted regularly. I am also noticing a big increase in my knee pain...there are days I can't hardly bend it. I shall begin monitoring increased energy and decreased pain again in June.

For June I am going to move back into my Paleo-ish lifestyle. Summer is here which means the mornings are bright enough to walk outside before work, the farmers' market is in full swing, and my SADD usually moves into hibernation. I am looking forward to feeling "whole" once again.

It's true...usually you don't know what you have until it isn't there...I'm ready to be Paleo!
If you have tried Paleo-ish living and been successful, what is the one key point you would suggest to any beginner?