05 December 2011


Here in central Ohio many things have changed....the weather, the leaves (or lack of), the number of days since OSU lost to Michigan, and this blog. Oh, change, let me call you crazy!

Winter is hard for me. Shorter days and the lack of sunshine seems to be exasperated by a personal preference I have to rise early. It takes a long time for the sun to rise when you get up in the wee hours of the morning. Colder weather, although is better for my older, overheating car, creates havoc with the automatic windows in that same car as well as delaying me each morning while I scrape the ice off those windows. The holidays bring family together, often for longer periods of time than I can easily tolerate as well requiring visits out of town. It is also a time when the void of those who are no longer present in this life is very obvious.

What's a person to do?
With so many changes happening around me, I decided it was time to get serious about this blog and create some changes in it. It is my hope that these new changes will also spur you on to make changes for the greater good in your life. My wish is that you are challenged by these blog postings to create a better world for yourself, your family, your neighbors, and others around you. I also want to encourage you to create a little change in other aspects of your life such as work, the subway/bus, the library, a coffee shop, the movies, at home, in the hallway, on the elevator, the market, uptown, downtown, at school, on campus, in your car, while biking, in a restaurant........and so forth and so on. Get the idea?

Life is change...I am changing....you are changing....let's change together....