09 December 2011

GOOGLE TOOL: Google "Done" Calendar

There are days I love to look at my calendar and see all the things I have accomplished. There are other days I want to look at my calendar and see there is nothing left on my agenda for the day. Using Google Calendar, I can create calendars for each of my clients, for my kids, for volunteer activities, and even for my "done" activities.

Google Calendars
Like many Gmail users, I have multiple Gmail accounts. With each of the Gmail accounts, I also have a Google Calendar. I can create separate calendars for each of my accounts. I can also "share" these calendars with each of the accounts. So, for email #1 (my personal email/calendar) I can share my personal appointments with email #2 (my non-profit email/calendar) Within calendar #1 I can create as many different calendars as needed. Since it is my personal calendar, I can make a sub-calendar for my medical appointments, a sub-calendar for each of the kids, a sub-calendar for vet appointments, and even a sub-calendar for bills/payments. At any point in time, I can view or hide a sub-calendar. I can show only Time Warner's calendar of payments or I can show all my sub-calendar appointments.

"Done" Calendar
Lately I have been trying to clear many things off my plate, from my possessions, to my commitments, to even the number of hours I work (unpaid) finishing a project. To go along with these changes in my life, I decided to "clear" out my calendar. In calendar #1 I created a sub-calendar called "Done." I have chose to not have my Done calendar visible. At the end of each day I open each of the events/appointments that I have attended and change the Calendar (under Event Details) to "Done." Since my sub-calendar Done is not visible, after loading that event change to my calendar, the event disappears from my visible calendar. On a day where I am able to make it to all of my appointments, I can move each event to my Done calendar and therefore appear to have a clean day! It's a lovely thing for my peace of mind.

End the Day with a Clean Slate
I encourage you to play around with a Done calendar, if clearing out your day is something that can make the day a little brighter. The events never erase completely, so you can look back on your calendar to check dates/appointments, and so on. Personally, I like the look of a cleared calendar day before I head off to my evening routine. Closure is a good thing at the end of the day!

If you use Google Calendar, how might a "Done" calendar help make your life better?