22 December 2011

Sleeping Tips

If you are anything like many human beings, the lack of sleep during the year and especially during the holidays can be (pardon my childish humor) very tiring! I know we struggle with it in our house and I see it on the faces and in the actions of my coworkers daily.

Well, I might have something to help! 
Here's a great article from Lisa Johnson, fitness coach, on sleeping well. (For those who have read this post before, it might be worth a re-read.) I have re-posted the "other tips" here on my blog because I feel the inability to obtain good sleep is a national epidemic.I encourage you to read the entire article. You can find it here. Thanks, Lisa!! (Check out her website at: http://www.lisajohnsonfitness.com/)

Other tips for sleeping well from Lisa Johnson Fitness:

  • Shut off electronics an hour before bedtime; the glow from the screens can mess with your melatonin.
  • Develop a routine before bedtime that signals to your body it’s time to relax.
  • Exercise regularly; people who routinely workout find their sleep problems disappear.
  • Keep lights low an hour or two before bedtime.
  • Set a regular bedtime and stick to it; don’t get distracted by the TV or social media.
  • Lower the thermostat at night; studies show that sleeping between 64 and 68 degrees is ideal.
  • Turn off the caffeine at lunch time.  The less caffeine in your system, the less you’ll have to worry about.
  • No alcohol after dinner time.  While alcohol is a sedative, it does not lead to the restful REM sleep cycles talked about above.  It’s best to stop with a drink at dinner.
  • Consider meditating at night or a wind-down yoga routine.  Doing either of these activites will put your body in a very relaxed state.  I’m not talking a whopper power yoga class, just a few simple moves to help your body relax, dekink, and wind down.  Think Savasana, not warrior …
    What one sleeping tip could you put into practice tonight?